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terms of use

CREDITS - you can take for your own use but you must keep the credits intact. In other words, do not claim as your own. You cannot remove the theme credits link no matter how much you customized it.

You can choose to remove the button and have a text link instead if you know how to edit HTML. Otherwise, contact me about it and I can do it for you.

PARTIAL-ALTERING ALLOWED - you can alter some the HTML codes. Partial-altering means that you cannot alter it to the point that it is no longer recognizable as my theme.

I know some of my earlier tumblr premades, you cannot customize it a lot so you have my permission to alter the codes (including hex colours for backgrounds, links, image backgrounds, fonts, date format etc). However, you still have to credit me. It is still my base codes, thus, still my theme.

If you are unsure of any part of my regulations, please feel free to contact me at Ettudis or message me.

If I find out you have violated these terms, I will give out several warnings and try to reach a compromise with you. However, if you do not cooperate, I will have to take more drastic measures.

Please and thank you.

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for more themes and graphics resouces

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about the theme

theme number - 01 (updated version)
title  -  firefly flight
features customizable…

background image and color
blockquote colours
post background image and color
sidebar background image and color
sidebar image / gif
link colours
small icon
shadowing option
5 link additions

designer’s note - Wanted to update the coding for theme 01 but I ended up changing the style a bit. I definitely like this new one more. It’s much more bubbly/cute/sleep/cool/-insert-other-nice-adjectives-. I don’t recommend the original because the coding is messy. See original / download original 

credits: icon, side image